My Background
I’ve just hit my 40’ s, and I’ve been cooking food frequently since We were an early teenager. I’ve often liked attempting fresh foods and tastes, and genuinely like creating great meals from organic elements, pursuing formulas and adding my personal twists.

Right now, like most regular men, I’ve always enjoyed a good BBQ party: Surrounded by friends, sport on the TV, beer flowing, music playing, meat on the grill, a few frames of pool, there’s definitely worse ways to spend an evening.

However, for decades, all I ever really served from the BBQ was sausages, burgers, kebobs and chicken pieces. And of course, all the while lying to myself that I was ‘The Grill King! ’ Hey, we all do it.

And then…

My First Smoker
In early 2015 I went to a food fair where a few stalls were selling ‘ proper BBQ’. We’re talking low n slow smoked brisket, pork ribs, and pulled pork rolls, all cooked on what seemed to me the most amazing looking outdoor cookers that I’d never seen: Extremely huge, trailer installed counter smokers, Weber Smokey Mountains, I also noticed my first ever ceramic Kamado design barbeque grill – a Big Green Egg.

After tasting the food served generally there, it was very clear to me We had small clue what We were doing on the BBQ, but that We loved the smoky delights I’d simply tasted, and this style of cooking was something We basically had to find out.

Therefore when We got house, with nearly no analysis, I actually procured a cheap offset cigarette smoker and place approximately learning to barbeque grill and smoke cigarettes properly.

A inexpensive offset cigarette smoker, against a cement wall background
I actually Had a Great deal to Learn!
I now know that the cheap offset I bought was kinda terrible. It was leaky, burned through an incredible amount of fuel, couldn’t maintain consistent temp, and was generally a pain in the ass to cook on.

So my first efforts were hard work – but the flavors? Oh my, the flavors. I had to learn more.

So I hit google – Hard!

The Start of an Obsession
I read lots of forum posts, blogs and joined a few Facebook groups. I purchased numerous books from Amazon. I read, and cooked, and read, and cooked, and slowly but surely, I was beginning to turn out lots of decent BBQ.

But I also knew that for many factors, I needed and wanted a much better barbeque grill. Therefore began searching for a fresh model, which qualified prospects me to a mildly amusing tale:

Smoking cigarettes and Barbecuing Almost Price Me personally My Romantic relationship ( Fooling of training course! )
I actually was seeking at a WSM for about $400, but my Mrs said it was too much to spend after everything I’d currently spent on the hobby. And to end up being honest, I actually needed a Kamado Joe in any case.

We went camping with a couple of close friends and while there, me and another man also called Tag went to the campsite club, and I was saying how Wendy won’t permit me spend $400 on a new cigarette smoker. Therefore rather, I possess a cunning program.

Best generally there and after that, from my portable mobile phone, I actually picked up a kamado Joe Vintage and a fair few accessories, spending a total of about $1350. I took a screenshot of the invoice, sent it to her, and switched off my phone for security!

About an hour later when we met up…yes, she was pissed.

And to slice a long story short ( too late for that? ) once home, and I REALLY got into grilling and smoking on my new toy, she loved the food so much that I was quickly forgiven, and I even got the green light to buy much more gear.

Happy days!

Meet the Family
As you can see in the main image top of this page, I today have a little collection of outdoor smokers, grills and ovens that allow me personally to make nearly any type of food outdoors, with smoke cigarettes and / or live fireplace.

Simply because well simply because the devices seen in the photo, I also have many accessories such simply because remote control monitoring thermometers, a temperature controller (flame employer 300), griddle, lasagna rock, dutch oven, Looftlighter, rotisserie, Vortex…to name but a few.

I actually really love food preparation outside, and am happy to spend cash in grills, smokers and great worth or fun accessories. I assume it’s an obsession:

Issue: “How many BBQs, grills and smokers perform you REALLY want? ”

Reply: “ Nevertheless many We have got today … as well as one particular 🙂 “

I’ve got my eyes on a Traeger pellet cigarette smoker following, but also need an UDS and a proper counter ‘ stick burner’, so I’ll then possess 1 of each of all main types of smokers. Do I need them? Yes…and you won’t convince me normally, haha. I will definitely possess one of each by the finish line of 2018, so watch this space.

Anyhow, let’s take a step back from my fantasies for an instant to take a quick look instead at the grills and smokers I do already possess, in addition what I tend to use them for.