Best Car Air Fresheners (March.2019) – Don’t Buy Before Reading This!

January 26, 2019 By Kristina Etter

One of the most underrated things about getting a new car is this elusive, fresh smell of autos. It’s hard to say why this scent is so enticing, but one thing is for sure: it does not last forever.

After all, life happens, and your car will eventually lose that fragrance to a combination of other smells, be it smoke, ozone, spilled drinks, food, pets, or just about everything else.


Best Air Freshner for the car: Arotags Cool Breeze

Arotag’s Cool Breeze Car Deodorizer has proven to be the best car air freshener you can get. It has everything a car air freshener needs. If this does not live up to your expectations, try Little Trees Black Ice, a great alternative that treats the stifling air well and lasts for a long time.

Car air fresheners are an obvious solution that can help you create a more pleasant odor, create an environment in your car, and neutralize odors with a faint, fresh scent. You certainly have many options, depending on your preferences.

With so many different choices and types, finding the best air cleaner for your car can be difficult. That’s why we’ve done the job for you and created this best list of air purifiers for cars by analyzing a few different products.

Top 10 car air fresheners

Our recommendation # 1: Best overall value

Arotag’s Cool Breeze Car Deodorizer


Arotags offers a different approach for suspended air fresheners. The kit comes with a small, porous, decorative piece of wood on which you apply the oil, which in turn creates the scent while in your car.

While this adds a do-it-yourself aspect, the results speak for themselves. A bottle of oil smells for up to a year, if you do it right.

The oil has a more natural odor and contains no chemical information.

We’ve highlighted the Cool Breeze fragrance because it contains sandalwood, which we believe is one of the better fragrances you can use anywhere. It gives your car its kind of atmosphere. It also has a vanilla-lavender fragrance and a flowery, fruity Beach Bum selection.

If you do not mind doing the work yourself, Arotags may prove to be the best car freshener fragrance you’ve been able to rely on for a year, as you experience some of the better scents we’ve encountered.

  • That lasts up to a year
  • You can control the potency
  • Manual refilling required
  • The woody look may not be preferred by some

Our recommendation no. 2

Small trees Black Ice: Best little tree fragrance


Little Trees is perhaps the best-known car air freshener of all. He is known for his looks, his smell and his price, which is a pretty good combination.

Black Ice is by far one of the most popular scents, if not the most popular. Sure, it’s a bit masculine, but it’s versatile enough that many female riders prefer it too.

We chose the 24-pack version because if you buy Little Trees, you can keep a few of them for a year. Like most thin cardboard air fresheners, they can dry out quickly when they sit outside. If you want that classic look and a proven fragrance, Black Ice restorers are the best tree fragrance.

  • iconic
  • Versatile smell
  • Easy to use
  • Can dry quickly
  • Can smell too masculine for some

More great purchases


Chemical Guys Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator

Ah, the always elusive new smell. Everyone loves that smell, though it’s difficult to figure out why. If you are someone who does not associate with the actual odors in your car and only wants a neutral odor, this product from Chemical Guys air freshener is an excellent choice.

With just a few sprays you can effectively deodorize persistent odors in your car and even your drunk. This is more of a simultaneous action.

The odors are neutralized and replaced by the seductive smell of rubber and plastic, as if a car were fresh from the factory.

The product is in a spray bottle, which is available in three different sizes. The 16-ounce size is probably the most popular, but the 4-ounce version is easier to stow in the car. If you need to handle a lot of cars and want to save money, you get a huge 128 ounce version at a reasonable price.

Oh, and if we say a few sprays, we mean that too. This stuff is very powerful and it’s very easy to overdo it in the beginning. When you do this, it smells more like burnt plastic. If you want to slow things down, Chemical Guys suggest diluting them with water. We tend to agree.


DollarScent Premium Luxury Car Air Freshener

DollarScent may borrow their concept from the iconic Little Trees brand, but they’re doing very well. Instead, these little cardboard air purifier fragrances opt for a small circular design that’s a bit less discreet than Little Tree’s products. They are striking, but by no means distracting or sticky.

With DollarScent you have many choices, from Black Ice to Nu-Car, Sports and some others. It’s worth noting that they contain a more masculine scent. So think about it.

In terms of fragrance selection, the added variety makes it a little easier to find the right one for yourself, and they are inexpensive enough to try out multiple fragrances.

These air deodorants are referred to as “slow release” but are quite average in longevity. Depending on use, they can last between 5 days and a few weeks. If you’re looking for a smaller rearview mirror cleaner that will not cost you much, DollarScent products are the best scent products for car fresheners.


PURGGO car air freshener: Long-lasting car air freshener fragrance

If you do not like to incorporate foreign scents into your car, you can still freshen the air by removing only the remaining odors that occur during daily driving. The PURGGO car air freshener uses bamboo charcoal to absorb bad odors and leave the vehicle with a neutral, natural scent. The porous material inside the product efficiently traps odors in your car and does not release them again.

To use the PURGGO, simply drape it over the back of a seat and let it do its thing. You can use it anywhere, but a central location works best. Therefore, the suggested space is behind the front seat.

An advantage of this type of air-deodoriser is that you not only handle strong scents, you also do not have to worry about topping up or drying out the product too quickly. The PURGGO can last a year in vehicles that have a lower load, making it the longest-lasting scent of the vehicle air freshener on the list.

It is also very sustainable and neutral to those who suffer from severe allergies or are sensitive to odors. The PURGGO consists only of hemp and bamboo, that’s it. Those who are not interested in standard air fresheners and want a clean, natural smell in the car should opt for the PURGGO.

  • Effectively removes odors without masking them
  • Very sustainable
  • Last up to a year
  • No odors
  • A bit big and for some distracting

Meguiar’s whole: Smelling Car Air Freshener


This Meguiar product uses a slightly different approach to freshen up the air and smell of your car. The Meguiar Whole Car Air Air Freshener is a one-time use, a misty aerosol that will make your car smell fresh for weeks, rather than having something that constantly emits an odor or occasionally sprays a scent into the car.

The process is more complicated than other products, but once you run it you will know how to use it in future sessions.

The scent is achieved by closing all the windows in your car, setting the air conditioning to full throttle, adjusting the air circulation and activating the can to let out the scent. All you do after that is to close the door and let the car run for about 15 minutes while it circulates the smell. Then open the windows for a few minutes and it’s good to go.

The Meguiar Full Car Air Deodorizer is ideal for motorists who do not constantly have to deal with air fresheners or have to leave them inside. There are different scents, including a new version for vehicle smell.

  • Requires that you use it once
  • Very strong
  • Many odor selection
  • Can be overwhelming for smaller cars
  • Takes no longer than a few weeks

Febreze Hawaiian Aloha: Best plug in air freshener


Undoubtedly, Febreze is a major player in the air freshener market and has made its name with products that neutralize bad odors and leave a clean, fresh fragrance. They have now chosen this approach to auto-deodorants with some additional fragrance options.

This special product is a venting clip that circulates the fragrance only when the vent is running.

You attach it to the vent, and the air freshener does the rest of the work when you blow the fans

Although there is more than one fragrance, we chose the Hawaiian fragrance because it smells great and is not overwhelming. If you have a larger vehicle, you can always add another clip to a separate vent, be it front or rear.

Each clip takes about 30 days. Keep in mind, however, that using the heater instead of the air conditioner may cause it to run faster.

  • Small, easy
  • Unique fragrance
  • Is not overwhelming
  • Does not work so well with heat
  • Can dry out in colder months

Ozium car air freshener


The Ozium Car Air Freshener is a great example of a versatile air freshener that’s just as useful in your home as in a car. The gel is in the canister and not only absorbs bad odors and cleans them from the air, but also has its own faint odor, which provides a feeling of freshness.

It is easy to use. By turning the lid, you can control how much air enters and exits, which in turn controls the fragrance level.

Due to the lack of intensity control of many air fresheners this is a welcome feature.

The gel is also resistant to hot temperatures, which means you can leave it in the car on hot days without worrying about it melting. The smell can amplify something, but that’s it. Those who want a very simple and effective air freshener and odor neutralizer that they can control will be very pleased with the Ozium Car Air Freshener fragrance.

  • Neutralises the smell and provides a fresh scent
  • Adjustable
  • Not very stylish
  • Can be uncomfortable to find a place in the car

Bullsone Car Air Purifier


The Bullsone Car Air Purifier is a futuristic version of your standard plug-in model. This works in two different ways. First, it cleans the air and absorbs odors. Second, the inner membrane exudes a subtle fragrance that complements the odor-neutralizing aspect well.

They have an interior with bad smells behind them and are replaced by a light cypress smell, which gives a more relaxed and natural feeling in the car.

Charges are available from Amazon. Unlike most plug-in models, you can leave it plugged in and use an on / off button to toggle operation. The device also tilts at an angle of 90 ° to 180 °.

It also has a look that it can complement most interiors because it has either a black and metallic surface or instead a white version. Your passengers will definitely notice it and ask some questions – in a good way. If you prefer a technology-savvy approach to car air fresheners, this is the one for you.

  • user-friendly
  • Effective
  • inexpensive
  • A choice of fragrance
  • A bit distracting, depending on your visual preferences

ARAPLUS Car Air Freshener Diffuser

The ARAPLUS Car Air Freshener diffuser has a different setting to air fresheners that opt ​​for a true propeller that will surely appeal to aerospace enthusiasts. Even if you are not, you can take advantage of one of the more versatile car air fresheners.

The ARAPLUS does not require a power supply. They just fit in the vent, turn on the fan and let it work. Inside the ARAPLUS is a diffuser seat with an oil-based scent called Oceanic, which provides a relaxing beach scent that is not overpowering.

Each pad lasts 30 days and comes with 5, so you can work 150 days from the start. When the pads are out of smell, you can actually add your own essential oils so you can control the smell completely and add a sense of aromatherapy if you want. Pretty cool.

Worth mentioning is also the packaging of the ARAPLUS. It’s definitely worth a gift. If you want to have full control over the scent of your air deodorizer and enjoy unique designs, the ARAPLUS is the best choice

  • Does not require energy
  • Unique propeller design
  • You can add your own scent
  • Propeller needs high fan speeds to rotate
  • First a fragrance

Types of car air freshener

Car air freshener types can be divided into several different categories.

  • Hanging cardboard: The most classic of all, this is a thin piece of cardboard sprayed with fragrance to be hung on a rearview mirror or somewhere else you think fit.
  • aerosols: Similar to a deodorizer that you spray in your home, these versions are great for masking odors. Some take longer than others
  • Scent freshener fragrance: These small cans contain a strong gel that pushes fragrances through small holes.
  • Bag: Fragrance granules are placed in a perforated bag and smells slowly over a longer period of time.
  • Vent sticks: As the name suggests, these are attached to an air outlet, so that the air flows over them into your car to spread the scent.
  • Plug-In: These plugs are plugged into the socket and activated with a heating element to activate the odors and sometimes push them out with a small fan.

Use car air freshener

Advantages of car air freshener

The benefits that a car air freshener offers should be obvious. Depending on what you get, you can restore the long-forgotten smell of new cars, disguise unpleasant odors, or simply put your own personal fragrance into the interior to enhance the feel and environment inside.

How to choose the right air freshener?

Car air fresheners are not exactly complicated, but there are still some things that you can consider in advance to make sure you get the best air freshener for your car.

  • type: The type of air freshener you are looking for is most important. A spray can version will probably not work well if you are looking for something that lasts longer. If you want your air freshener to be less noticeable for aesthetic reasons, you want something more discreet.
  • fragrance: Here you will find just about everything new, from masculine scents over floral and beach scents to new car scents. Some have no odors, but instead remove bad smells.
  • Costs: The way your car smells is not usually something that someone wants to spend a lot of money on, but you can often find superior products when you’re ready to spend a little more.

What if you have allergies or the smell is too strong?

Car air fresheners are mostly hypoallergenic, so you do not have to worry about allergic allergies. However, it is always best to check the manufacturer information.

If the smell is too strong and things are a bit overwhelming when you put an air freshener scent in your car for the first time, let the windows jump for the first few days, or you can open the air deodorizer and leave it in your garage for one or two days to lessen the potency. In fact, you can use ventilation air fresheners for your home if you know how. (Source)

What if you have allergies or the smell is too strong?

Do not use car air fresheners to mask odors that could be a problem in your car. It is always best to remove any odors that are present at the source or perform them professionally.

If you have mold in your car or a damp, musty smell coming from your vents, air freshener is not a cure. You may need to change the air conditioning filter, and maybe let the mechanic see what’s going on. Otherwise, you still have to deal with the smell and possibly have some health effects.


There is certainly something for everyone in this list, but if we had to select one of the best car air fresheners from the above table, it would have to be the Meguiar’s air purifier.

This product is extremely effective and once you use it, you know what you need to prepare for each time. The attraction is the one-time use, so you do not have to worry about refilling your device, replacing a newer air-cooled air freshener when it dries, or having to store something in the car that discards the aesthetics of the interior.

The ability to ‘apply’ the air deodorizer to the car and then take advantage of it for a month is too good to ignore. And although functionality is preferred, the actual scent decisions are also good – and yes, there is a new car scent.

This is simply the best thing you can do if you get your car back from a detailing service after it has been cleaned and refreshed inside. Those who want to keep it simple and straightforward should opt for the scent of the Meguiar Whole Car Air Freshener.

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