Best WiFi Thermometer for Grilling, Smoking and Cooking BBQ Meat

Best WiFi thermometer for grilling, smoking and cooking grilled meat

It is only a matter of time before all electrical appliances become WLAN-enabled. This is the future. I can speak with my Amazon Echo and ask that the kitchen lights be switched on via a Wi-Fi connection. So it’s a bit of a surprise that big thermometer companies take the takeover a bit slow. However, they are moving in the right direction, and here we are talking about the best wireless thermometers currently available, which will soon be available.

As Wi-Fi thermometers are evidently a rapidly evolving technology, I will keep this page up to date with good new releases. However, since my eyes and ears can not be everywhere, if you know of a great new product that has either been published or searched for funds through crowdfunding sites, let me know in the comment section.

Best WiFi thermometer

Before giving an overview of the best wireless thermometers, you must be warned that these are not cheap. Since they are mostly first-generation products, you will pay for all R & D costs. If money is a problem, wait until Wi-Fi thermometers are an established product, or get another type of wireless thermometer.

WLAN thermometers are suitable for all types of slow and slow cooking and belong to the category of probe thermometers. However, if you are serious about smoking and barbecuing, you should definitely invest in a probe thermometer, an instant meter and possibly an infrared thermometer. These three types of thermometers do not have any kind of outdoor cooking that you are not prepared for.

Smoke thermometer with gateway Wi-Fi connection

If you have read some of the articles in this series about the best outdoor thermometers, you will surely know how much I appreciate the Smoke Thermometer. The only downside (aside from the price) was that it was not WiFi enabled.

Luckily, it was all the time to make a Wi-Fi thermometer. The people making the Smoke Thermometer understand that Wi-Fi has its own problems. Obviously, you need to cook in an area where you have Internet access. This is not always the case if you want to barbecue while camping. Then there are technophobos who are in no way inferior to such a new technology.

Smoke was originally designed for the radio frequency that covers most bases, but has an additional attachment that converts the standard thermometer into a Wi-Fi thermometer. That means you now have a Wi-Fi thermometer that you can use during camping and borrow from the Technophobe family and friends. All this by simply adding the Gateway WLAN attachment.



Tappecue – 4 Sample WiFi BBQ Thermometer

You no longer have to be a big brand name to appear on the grill and grill accessory marketplace. In fact, it is becoming increasingly common to experience quality tools from companies I’ve never heard of before. And the grill is one such device.

The Tappecue thermometer has four probes that you can use either for pieces of meat or to measure the grill temperature. Luckily, the designers were also smart enough to realize that there will be times when the device will become unavailable and WiFi is unavailable. Therefore, they have integrated an offline mode.

All in all, the Tappecue thermometer is neck and neck with the Smoke Thermometer when it comes to the best wireless thermometer. I would say that the only thing that makes it a little disappointing is that it feels like it’s meant for indoor use.

The version 2 model we recommend is splash-proof. This means that it survives a small rainfall unscathed, but it should not be kept out all the time. Of course, this is only a small problem, as most people grill or smoke in good weather, and you can always buy a waterproof box to put Tappecue in (Tappecue sells its own custom waterproof box).


Meater – WiFi meat thermometer

It’s hard for me to say much about the Meater, at the time of writing this article they had only introduced the option with a single probe. I stop and buy the four probe block option that is not yet available If this is the case, I will do a full review of the product.

What I can say is that some friends who bought the single probe loved it. The reason why they could not believe the block is that they love rotisserie cooking. Currently this is the only thermometer suitable for this style. For more information, visit the Kickstarter site of Meater.



Loki – WiFi cooking thermometer

I can not judge the Loki thermometer either. It is currently under development and can only be purchased on pre-order. You have a Kickstarter page with all the information you need. And just like other thermometers, I come back to this page and give my feedback on this wireless thermometer as it becomes available.

WiFi thermometer with temperature monitoring

A completely different kind of WiFi thermometer is one that not only reads off temperatures but can also control temperature. You work with a fan to regulate the flow of oxygen to the coals, depending on what you want.

Given that this thermometer style has extra features, it probably will not surprise you that it is also more expensive. They are also less versatile than a standard thermometer, as they are usually designed for a particular type of grill or style. Read our article on the best temperature control thermometer to get a better idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis wireless thermometer.

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