How to choose the best pellet grill within your budget.

If you are looking for a pellet grill that not only fits your budget but also what you want on a grill, finding the best components you can focus on can be difficult. For many people, buying a barbeque is a strict line of how much they are willing to spend. If you want a quality pellet grill for less than $ 500, it will be difficult. For many of the people we talk to, the budget for a pellet barbecue is around $ 1,000. There are many options at this price point, but how do you make an informed decision for the best barbecue?


In today’s world of ever-changing technology, you can find grills with features such as: For example, a Wi-Fi enabled temperature control and apps that you can download to your phone to sync to your BBQ. The real question is, will you actually use all of these technology features and are they sometimes worth the extra $ 300- $ 400 on your grill? That’s a big part of what you pay for when trying to find the best pellet grill under $ 1,000. Let’s put together the basics of pellet grills and the key components you should look for in your next barbecue purchase.

New to pellet grills? That is how they work

To understand how a grill works like the Silverbac pellet grill, you should first understand the fuel. The pellets used in these grills are simply small, compressed pieces of wood. These are then piped into the fire pot of a grill, which gets airflow to set the grill in motion. Once the pellets are ignited, both smoke and heat are generated to cook the food on the grill. There is also a control panel that allows you to set the desired temperature for your cook. From here, a good quality pellet grill will do the job for you, as you can sit back and relax until your food is cooked to perfection. We sometimes refer to these barbecues as “easy ovens” because they are really just as easy. You start the heat, you set your temperature and then “set it and forget it” because you can let the grill do the rest of the cooking for you.

4 main components of a pellet grill

  • Screw motor: This is the part that helps bring the fuel into the burn pot
  • Combustion fan: This is the part that actually directs the air into the burn pot
  • Ignition: As it sounds, it is the part that actually causes the fire in the grill
  • Control board: This is the part that controls the temperature and other functions that some grills may have

After all, fuel, air and heat work together to create the fire and smoke that the grill needs to smoke food. Each of these components is required for a pellet grill to generate heat and smoke for cooking food.

Bigger / thicker grills are not always of better quality or value

This is a common misconception we hear every day – “I’ve found a massive grill that’s so big that it has to be the best of the best.” We’re here to tell you that this is not always the case is case. When looking for a grill, it is important to check how thick or thin the steel is, as there is a very fine line between the two. Barbecues made of thicker steel are usually a big challenge because of their heavy weight and need much longer to warm up.


On the other hand, barbecues made of thin steel can break easily and are not necessarily designed for longevity. Therefore, finding the happy medium between the two, which is ideal for what you want, can be difficult. This happy medium between thick and thin steel helps you to keep the grill temperature very good, and it does not take forever to warm up. We’ve found that the Grilla and Silverbac models cook up to 30% more efficiently than many of our competitors using Flimsier steel. This means that you can cook more per pound of pellets, so you can save a lot of fuel over the life of petrol your grill

Find out how Grilla’s double wall design is comparable to competitors such as Camp Chef, Traeger, Rec-Tec and Green Mountain Grills.

More barbecue, less money

Here at Grilla Grills, we focus on providing our customers with the best possible barbecues by investing in the components that physically make up the grill and not in any of the technology enhancements. We truly believe that our Grilla and Silverbac models are the best smokers for less than $ 1,000, as we focus on the quality that we think is most important. In the end, we have a grill that is designed for a long life and delivers consistent results at a lower price. For us, it’s about placing the money where it matters most to our customers.

You may ask, “What about the cool features of a Wi-Fi PID controller?” Even though the world is in a permanent technology overload, we looked at how much consumers are using the Wi-Fi feature on their grills. We found that 90% of the people who paid the extra $ 300- $ 400 for the feature used it on average only twice during the life of the grill. Right now, we want our grill to be affordable for the average consumer, so we’ll skip that feature, but if it’s something our customers want in the future, we’d start putting it on our grills. If you save money with these devices, we can invest more money in important parts of the barbecue, such as: B. the grill grates. Cheap grills have to be changed frequently and continue to cost money, even if the rest of the grill fails. Our grates are made of ¼ inch stainless steel rod, while many competitor pellet grills cost less than $ 1,000 less costly, powder coated .170 powder coated steel of low quality.

Every component you receive on a Silverbac is quality. From digital control to pellet hopper to heavy steel construction, this grill is designed to maximize the buck for your wallet.

Right now our research tells us that we should invest that money in the other components of the grill, and we have legions of customers who have switched from other barbecues that agree with our approach.

A family business with transparent prices

Grilla Grills is a family business that has been operating for over 40 years, punching parts to build grills. We had experience in many different industries, including the automotive and construction industries, but decided to diversify our business and started building grills – it was a breeze for us. We strive to produce the best barbecues to our consumers’ wishes and treat our customers like a family. Our price point is one that can not be beat. We only sell our grills directly, so your price does not include margins for traders and retailers. What you see on our website is what you get. When shipping no additional fees, we ship your grill directly to your door. We focus on being transparent as a company, and we believe that this is reflected in our pricing strategy.

More grilla resources to check out

There are many different resources that you can look at to help you choose a barbecue below $ 1,000. Our YouTube channel offers comparison videos between models of our grills and top competitors, to get an insight into the similarities and differences. Further information can be found on our Facebook page as well as in our special Facebook group “My Grilla Grill Smoker”. We hope you have received valuable information that you will take with you when shopping for your next barbecue. We hope you choose one of our grills, whether Silverbac, Grilla or Kong!

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