Types of smokers


Although the cigarette influence of different people is almost identical, it is individual for each person. When a person understands the reasons for smoking, it is clear what to do to stop this noxious smoking.

First, he smokes to calm down, to concentrate, often in bed tonight. This type of smoker features explosive, often negative emotions. He is a choleric or a melancholic, can be an artistic person. Maybe this type of smoker needs the help of a specialist and an individual assortment of vitamins and medicines for anxiety. He also has to refuse alcohol because cigarettes and alcohol are almost genetically linked in the human body. The festive glass of wine for this person can be the start of an automatic action program (matches). In the beginning, the human does not realize that he smokes again when he understands that he is smoking, angry and starts to smoke intensively again.

Smoking for this guy is just the kind of rest. He’s happy with smoking and often prefers cigars or cigarillos like Hemingway or the pipe like Sherlock Holmes because he thinks it’s stylish. Smoking as a ritual is very important for the handy smoker (coffee and cigarettes after dinner, cognac and cigar). This smoker is often a sanguine, strong-willed and determined. He can be a successful businessman, public official or politician. His own authority is only his person. The opinion of the doctor does not play the important role. Hypnosis, needle or psychotherapy do not work, because this type used to believe only in itself. He only abandons the harmful habit if he decides. The hobby with intensive physical exercises will help him (climbing, cycling, diving, kitesurfing, racing, rafting, etc.)

This guy almost does not abandon the satisfaction of his habit. First and foremost, smoking is a method of communication for him. He starts smoking, not out of interest, but “for a company”, as his partners. And he does it at a young age. The communicative smoker at work does not miss a smoke brake not because of the desire to smoke, but because “it is common”. It is very important for him to communicate, to be in a talking society, he feels socially topical even when he is silent with his cigarette in his mouth. He is afraid to be alone and to feel unnecessary. The communication addicted people spend their time in internet charts, online games, etc., they escape the reality. They feel like “small crews”. Therefore, when they quit smoking, they should not wait, but find out and surf an interesting hobby. Too long doubts worry them to act decisively. They take the cigarette “for a company” and have no desire to smoke in another situation. You can easily do without smoking, but this type is suggestive and they need support.


Modern psychology has the meaning of “addictive person”, which describes the person who tends to become addicted to something in addition. The subject of this addiction does not mean. It can be shopping, eating, computer games, TV programs, card games, etc. Such activity brings one person to satisfaction and that’s why it expresses the others. Step by step, he escapes reality and spends most of his time with this action. It happens because of the inner emptiness that he wants to fill something. The reason for giving up smoking is indicated when smoking causes some problems: physiological, family, psychological, etc. That does not mean that he feels godless while smoking, but feels bad without smoking, feels unwell. This person has a strong desire for smoking, aspiration in the stomach, dryness in the mouth, increased anxiety and nervousness. The desire of smoking dominates among other thoughts. He can ask the unknown people to give him the cigarette, call the neighbors in the night, search the tobacco, take the rolls from the cigarette butt. The smoker with the big stage has this strong desire as many times as many cigarettes he used to smoke. The smoker must choose the clear living position to reject this addiction. Every purpose for him is very important, such as health, family, work, etc. The problems can not stop the addicted smoker from achieving the purpose, he solves it. When reaching the purpose, however, he has a free time and thus doubts dissatisfaction. Such feelings are the alarm signal that indicates the mental void. The person feels lethargic, boring, destructive dissatisfaction about themselves and others, wants to rest and spend time with the cigarette. This person can not quit smoking without help. He needs a long psychotherapy and rehabilitation (the process can take a long time). The psychologists advise the addictive smokers to give up smoking as if it were a “not serious” game because the temptation to break the promise of themselves and their employees is too great. The clear planning is very important. The addictive smoker is prone to hypnosis, emotionally responding to the messages about the negative consequences of smoking. He is the best target audience for anti-tobacco advertising.

These people often feel the desire to smoke from the association. The addiction they do not have. If the person smokes while driving, she smokes when she starts to drive. The psychologists said that this type of smoking is the imitation of concentration. This type of smoker must learn to abstract with the help of physical exercises. The associative smoker must change every 30-40 minutes of work or other actions with 10 minutes of physical exercises (stretch 10-15 squats, bodybuilder exercises, pushups, pull ups) from day one The decision is accepted. The physical activity helps to go over the thoughts of the tobacco and to relieve the general condition for 60-90 minutes. In the time of the termination they have to eliminate the strong tea and coffee. Consuming large amounts of vegetables and fruits will fill the body with vitamins, increase working capacity and ensure a good mood.


Practitioners of the demonstrative lifestyle have a desire to smoke, which seems like a game with a cigarette. The addictive forms are related to the memories of who and with what cigarettes they smoke, the beautiful design of cigarettes. It means that his person looks good and dominates the cigarette in his head. It is easy for this smoker to suppress the desire to smoke, he should create the better visibility. It is very important not to get angry and not to examine the psychological strength. You should remember that the desire to smoke is hidden in the interior and ready to overtake the smoker’s mind.

These people are sensitive, hurting them deeply in their heads and never showing them. The basis of relaxed smoking is the illusory fake of happiness and peace after the cigarette. This smoker can combat the desire to smoke by finding the trailer in an individual hobby. He should find the action (music, reading, chess, meditation) that will bring him the feeling of peace and security.

This smoker often feels nervous, he has a high sense of responsibility and therefore he needs something in his mouth to calm down. In this case, the replacement therapy for those who want to refuse smoking helps. A box of sweets should be in the place where there is usually an ashtray, in the bag should be a chewing gum instead of cigarettes. The desire of smoking can be easily neutralized with tea or juice, apple or carrot. If he can shift his attention to something else, he can easily quit smoking.

This type of smoking is considered a mild form of smoking addiction: The person smokes almost only under alcohol. The physiological feelings of nicotine in the body are not important to him, but the informal style of smoking is important. The smoker of this type easily rejects the cigarettes. He should find the way of self-realization as an antagonist of cigarette smoke or reject the alcohol as a provocative factor.

Chemically addicted
The chemical addiction of nicotine occurs in long-term smokers when the process addiction to the addiction of nicotine in the blood goes. Normally it does not matter to him how and under what circumstances nicotine gets into the body. These are the people who smoke 1.5-3 packs of cigarettes daily, regardless of time and place. You can wake up at night with a desire to smoke. This person has the idea that she also wants to smoke while smoking. This idea causes them to use hypnosis or visit the anesthetist. Usually, the doctor informs patients about the horrible cough, headache, anxiety, depression or tears and mental dissatisfaction in the first 3 days of healing. These days they should not stay alone. You can go to the park, buy friends of non-smokers or something you want, or go to the sauna etc.

This type of smoker is hard to identify as a group, they have different reasons to smoke. The same reason is smoking when they are tired. You have to carry yourself. The nicotine in the cigarettes, like other stimulators, is not an energy source, but the body uses the energy reserves and does not replenish them. The result is energetic diseases and over-pressure. The reason for such a desire for energy is the different physical activity that different people live on. Some people are always active in communication, plans and actions. Others are often tired, they have no energy for routine. It is connected with the peculiarities of the nervous system and the metabolism or some psychological injuries that the consequences were not cured in time. Later it can be associated with some illnesses and also smoking. Sometimes it is a combination of some peculiarities. Smoking does not help these people in solving their problems, but instead indicates the explosion of activity and fatigue. The illnesses are made heavier by smoking and they make you tired and in a bad mood. The smoker who needs the energy must consult the doctor, who helps with the selection of the drugs for immunity and advises healing and vitamins. Even giving up smoking will eventually lead to better health.

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