Using E-Cigarettes to Quit Smoking

usingRight, here we come to the point. You want to stop smoking. You are fed up with trying patches that do not work. Nicotine chewing gum that causes hiccups within five minutes of chewing, and weird inhalers that will not give you the right shot you need to get through the stressful ten minutes without getting through. real “cigarette.


You’ve decided to try your hand at electronic cigarettes now, mostly because you saw others who used them and some of your friends actually stopped smoking. I am glad that you have finally come to the “bright side”. Life here is very different. I do not stink like an ashtray! ��

Can you really stop smoking with electronic cigarettes?

Finishing smoking with e-cigarettes is very easy, and is literally a process of weaning from nicotine addiction by fighting the physical dependence on nicotine addiction. It does not make much sense right now, but it will take about five minutes, I promise you.


When you get your electronic cigarette for the first time – from the first moment you see your eyes on the website and decide to add a basket, you want to choose the strongest and highest nicotine strength you can get can get on. This is an approach that is pretty smart, especially because you will appreciate too much nicotine much more than too little. Trust me!

Cozy? Take the next step …

If you used the e-cigarette for a while and you think you felt good enough to use it properly, You should lower a nicotine level. It is a scary thought, and I am not saying that you will not notice the difference, because you are likely to do so, but it is a low price that you have to pay. Imagine changing the brand of cigarettes or choosing lighter weight tobacco, and you have the right idea. Just like the changes in your smoking habits that you’ve made in the past, you and your body will soon get used to it. It’s only a matter of time.

I only stayed around the high-level stuff for about a month before deciding to stick to the next lightest nicotine strength, and I would suggest doing so you feel good. If you try to get used to a lower level of nicotine while using an electronic cigarette, you may not be fully aware that you will feel upset. If you need a few months to settle down and get things under control, then so be it. Would not you rather take the time to do things right than storm, get too early to the end point, and fail because you have not shown patience?

Anyway, the point I’m trying to say is, if you feel you can do it, can order new cartridges or liquids, but instead of opting for the high-strength material, choose a lower strength instead, such as Medium.

Consideration of different e-liquid strengths …


Obviously, some e-cigarette companies have strengths over others. So, if you want to do it in smaller stages, you can opt for V2 Cigs, which offers a wide range of strengths. White Cloud is another big e-cig company you can choose from, and it has the highest strength fluids and cartridges we’ve found so far.

If you order the medium liquid, use it again for a few months. The first time I stopped smoking e-cigarettes, this second phase; The middle phase only lasted a month, before I decided on the lower strength of the cartridge. To be honest, I think that was at least too fast for me. I would give it a few months with the middle stuff before you go to the low strengths. At least 8/9 weeks.

When the low e-liquid is hit.

They’ll know when it’s time to finally hit the stuff with little strength. That’s how it went for me …I left my e-cigarette at home. I was not as dependent on it as it was in the beginning, and although I was still craving nicotine, I did not freak out when I realized that I had to wait almost an hour to get home and smoke it. There were a few times when I had left it in the office overnight and had to resort to an old backup kit that I had bought many years ago. Once you forget it, you do not need it – your brain is not constantly thinking about it. You should hug it because it is not a bad thing!

If you focus on the low power stuff, you should deliberately leave your electronic cigarette at home. When you go to work, pack them in your bag and pack them in the trunk so you can not reach them. Do the whole trip without and see how you feel. Do not smoke in the morning with the children on the way to school. Leave it at home instead of putting the e-cigarette in your pocket when you visit the grocery store. The trick is to get used to being a nonsmoker, and sometimes that literally just means being a nonsmoker, even if it’s only for a few hours.

Low power is just another step away from smoking. In the near future you will be on the way to freedom from nicotine. Imagine the money you could save and the health benefits that you could reap. Studies have shown that stopping smoking can improve your quality of life in many hundreds and even thousands of different ways. Is not it time that you enjoy life as a non-smoker again? Imagine the money you would save on air fresheners for your smoky home!

After a few months with the low-strength or liquid nicotine cartridges and some attempts to purposely leave them at home or in the car when you’re on the move, you should think about going to zero … no nicotine.

Zero Nicotine (it’s not as scary as you think!)

It’s a scary thought, but if you’ve decided to stop smoking, you must have known that day would come … The day you finally got rid of nicotine-Chains in which you have been held for some years, in some cases even decades. Buy a few bottles of zero solid liquids to refill your cartridges and have them at hand. Do not make an appointment if you do not want to. This can be an intimidating thought for some. One day, you will most likely wake up and say, “Today is the day,” and change anyway. That was the approach I chose and it worked well for me. The liquid appeared and I put it in my drawer of e-cigarette utensils. I wanted to forget her for a while. Three days later, I put the low-strength things in the drawer and took out the zero-strength items. Apparently that was the day.


I worked with the e-cigarette on the zero strength cartridges for about two weeks before putting it in the drawer and not taking it out … for two years. I had a particularly bad day at work and the e-cigarette was not enough to curb my cravings. I bought a pack of ten cigarettes and smoked again for three weeks before sitting down on the e-cigarettes and starting over. The second time I quit smoking for about seven months. It just shows that it works. Maybe I just do not have enough willpower yet? Even if you smoke the e-cigarettes, you still save money on ordinary cigarettes, so you can not really complain!

The trick to get it right is …

The trick to stop smoking e-cigarettes is too make things slow The faster I tried to quit, the worse my attempt became. The third time I stopped using e-cigarettes, I only spent three or four weeks with the different strengths before moving on to the next one. Within five months I had gone from smoking to zero strength and within three months I was back to smoking.

The longer I was in the different stages, the better the time I gave up. My best attempt was when it took me about eight months to stop from start to finish. Maybe that’s the time period you should look at.

The only thing I know is that you will never know how well you will do it if you do not try. For less than a hundred dollars, you could have everything you need to smoke a month, save two hundred dollars, and already boost your overall health. What are you waiting for?

Next Step? Get an e-cigarette!

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